perjantai 23. lokakuuta 2015

First week of our internship

Internship @ Erase una vez
telefono 697805409
carrer de goya, 7 barcelona

We came to Barcelona, Gracia on 18.10.2015. We booked our apartment one month ago from Airbnb near of our workplace. After arrived to our tiny, sunny and small apartment we left to explore the surrounding in Gracia area.

What we gonna say WE LOVE BARCELONA <3 and the bohemian Gracia area <3

Inside of the Studio:

We started our work on Tuesday. Already been there for 4 days and made different assessories, pattern drawings and cuttings. Some easy sewings also.

This is the first flower what we made. They are using different fabric to make those accessories, for example tulle and lace.

These flowers they are using for decorating a belt, a veil etc.

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