perjantai 30. lokakuuta 2015

Second week of our internship


We had having a sunny week here with a lot of new experiences. ;)

In the beginning of the week we were making more accessories, like a belt from lace and one of tulle.

by Melinda

Nice hair decoration was made from tulle only with few stitches by Sini


Some basic old cartoon patterns of the designer had to be checked.
There was problem with the symmetria of the pattern, the notches were in wrong places and also the dart´s places had to be changed.
After checking and measuring, I had to draw again the cartoon pattern, then copying to paper and cutting the proto fabric, to be checked if the changes were allright.
The dress has two layer, the inside is viscose and the outside is tulle. The viscose was cut between two paper: paper, viscose and paper pattern. The tulle was cut : paper pattern on the bottom and the tulle fabric on the top.

The designer has own collection of different dresses in the shop. The clients are coming for appointment and choosing their desired dress from this ready collection. 
The basic patterns are ready made and today I was making adjusments to the basic pattern after the client´s measurements. Seam allowances are included every time to the patterns. 

This basic pattern contained many small parts, so every small part had to be modified, in this case it needed to be extended.

Now our weekend starts and we are going to enjoy the sunny terraces and markets :)

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