keskiviikko 25. marraskuuta 2015

Last two weeks of our internship

Hello Everybody!

Our doll project was continuing...
Sini was embroidering the eyes and lips. 
Melinda was cutting the parts for the dolls and sewing them together. Filling the thiny hands and leggs, then sewing them to the body by hand, it took really long time. 

After the eyes and lips were ready, Sini started to make the hair of the dolls.
The hair was made from wool. This wool was applied to the doll`s head with a special needle tool and fixed with some glue and stiches.

Melinda was progressing with the pattern making of the doll´s dress. It was challenging the sewing and the constructing of these miniatur dresses. But finally the result was getting nice.

The plan was to make five dolls. In the end they are ready, they have hairs, but only two of them have dresses. The type of the dresses for the three dolls will be decided later.

Meanwhile we were busy and working with the dolls, in the studio were also very busy days. Clients were coming for fitting, new clients were coming to choose their dresses, to whom the designer was showing the collection. Also one photoshooting session will take place on Friday, for what the designer had five days time to prepare the dresses...

These five and half weeks went very fast, we enjoyed a lot, we got to know many nice people.
It was very interesting to see the daily work at the studio. We learned different styles of techniques at pattern making, fabric cutting and sewing.

Thank you very much!!! Muchas gracias Erase Una Vez!

tiistai 17. marraskuuta 2015

Fourth week of our internship

This week we had some small projects, which finally turned out to be a long process, with many small details.

Sini had to make a hair decoration from some flower. This flower was not real, not plastic, something very fragile. As you can see on the pictures, there was used a metal wire, tulle and textile glue.

The flowers were fixed by glue and stiches...

The ready hair decorations:

The other project was making the traditional Spanish wedding dolls "Muñecos de Novios" or "Bride &Groom Dolls".
This is a local tradition where the couple getting married, give the bride&groom figurines to the guests they want to get married next.

In the studio they had already these dolls (ordered from Madrid), but the designer wanted to have her own designed dolls to offer to the clients.

Melinda was designing the patterns, making several protoes. We were changing some details, and finally deciding that the face of the dolls will be not painted, it will have some wool hair, the eyes and lips will be embroidered.
The doll´s body, hands, legs, head is made from basic cotton fabric and filled with cotton wad.

 Sini was getting the task for designing and embroidery the eyes and lips.
On the photo there is the process of trying different shapes and sizes of the eyes...

At this moment the pattern is good, everyone liked it and we will start the producing of the dolls...

See you on the next week... :) Adios!

maanantai 9. marraskuuta 2015

Third week of our internship


It was coming to the studio three same dress order. These dresses were for dancers, who were studying in Paris and having one performance in Barcelona. They made the order by email, they sent the dancer´s measurements, the form of the dresses, the colours and the requested material, etc.

We were making the patterns, cutting the fabric, which was jersey and the dresses finally were sewn in two layers. The designer worrying about the lack of the time, that´s why Sini was trying one of those dresses...
The dancers were coming to the studio for fitting. It was a success: one dress was fitting perfectly, one needed one modification at the deepness of the armhole and one dress, the red one, was decided to be cut again. To this red dress was needed to be added more fullness to the hem and also more deepness to the armhole. So this dress was cut again from new fabric.
Next day the girls were coming to the final fitting. They were pleased, it was nice to see how they are trying some dancing movements: dresses were comfortable, the hems were very nicely following their movements, they could dance freely...

And we got invitation to the performance, we liked it a lot, the dresses looked wonderful. In the end of the performance the dancers were coming to chat with us, they were again telling us how pleasent was to wear and dance in the dresses:)

One easy skirt project we had. Customer brought her own skirt, she wanted to have same kind of skirt from tulle. We cut the tulle turned in four layer, we needed 10 pieces which were 28cm long. We have some photos:

One other project in the studio, where we can help and learn also, is the renovation of the dresses of the designer's collection. Some of the dresses are in very bad condition, they were getting dirty, broken. The designer wants to renovate these dresses, which are very favorite modells of the clients.
One dress I had to take into the parts. The toplayer of the hem part was from tulle, broken. That can not be repaired, that tulle part was going to trash, but the underskirt was in good condition, there was needed only the cleaning.
It is long process to take into parts, but like this I could see the structure of the dress, how much work is in it.

In the studio there are some accessories, which are made by different Spanish artisants.
These are fitting very nicely with the romantic and vintage style of the dresses made in the studio.

The designer has also own brand for children cloth accessories. The name is: MOMO.
They have the same colour shade as the women dresses, following the same romantic vintage style.

perjantai 30. lokakuuta 2015

Second week of our internship


We had having a sunny week here with a lot of new experiences. ;)

In the beginning of the week we were making more accessories, like a belt from lace and one of tulle.

by Melinda

Nice hair decoration was made from tulle only with few stitches by Sini


Some basic old cartoon patterns of the designer had to be checked.
There was problem with the symmetria of the pattern, the notches were in wrong places and also the dart´s places had to be changed.
After checking and measuring, I had to draw again the cartoon pattern, then copying to paper and cutting the proto fabric, to be checked if the changes were allright.
The dress has two layer, the inside is viscose and the outside is tulle. The viscose was cut between two paper: paper, viscose and paper pattern. The tulle was cut : paper pattern on the bottom and the tulle fabric on the top.

The designer has own collection of different dresses in the shop. The clients are coming for appointment and choosing their desired dress from this ready collection. 
The basic patterns are ready made and today I was making adjusments to the basic pattern after the client´s measurements. Seam allowances are included every time to the patterns. 

This basic pattern contained many small parts, so every small part had to be modified, in this case it needed to be extended.

Now our weekend starts and we are going to enjoy the sunny terraces and markets :)

perjantai 23. lokakuuta 2015

First week of our internship

Internship @ Erase una vez
telefono 697805409
carrer de goya, 7 barcelona

We came to Barcelona, Gracia on 18.10.2015. We booked our apartment one month ago from Airbnb near of our workplace. After arrived to our tiny, sunny and small apartment we left to explore the surrounding in Gracia area.

What we gonna say WE LOVE BARCELONA <3 and the bohemian Gracia area <3

Inside of the Studio:

We started our work on Tuesday. Already been there for 4 days and made different assessories, pattern drawings and cuttings. Some easy sewings also.

This is the first flower what we made. They are using different fabric to make those accessories, for example tulle and lace.

These flowers they are using for decorating a belt, a veil etc.