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Third week of our internship


It was coming to the studio three same dress order. These dresses were for dancers, who were studying in Paris and having one performance in Barcelona. They made the order by email, they sent the dancer´s measurements, the form of the dresses, the colours and the requested material, etc.

We were making the patterns, cutting the fabric, which was jersey and the dresses finally were sewn in two layers. The designer worrying about the lack of the time, that´s why Sini was trying one of those dresses...
The dancers were coming to the studio for fitting. It was a success: one dress was fitting perfectly, one needed one modification at the deepness of the armhole and one dress, the red one, was decided to be cut again. To this red dress was needed to be added more fullness to the hem and also more deepness to the armhole. So this dress was cut again from new fabric.
Next day the girls were coming to the final fitting. They were pleased, it was nice to see how they are trying some dancing movements: dresses were comfortable, the hems were very nicely following their movements, they could dance freely...

And we got invitation to the performance, we liked it a lot, the dresses looked wonderful. In the end of the performance the dancers were coming to chat with us, they were again telling us how pleasent was to wear and dance in the dresses:)

One easy skirt project we had. Customer brought her own skirt, she wanted to have same kind of skirt from tulle. We cut the tulle turned in four layer, we needed 10 pieces which were 28cm long. We have some photos:

One other project in the studio, where we can help and learn also, is the renovation of the dresses of the designer's collection. Some of the dresses are in very bad condition, they were getting dirty, broken. The designer wants to renovate these dresses, which are very favorite modells of the clients.
One dress I had to take into the parts. The toplayer of the hem part was from tulle, broken. That can not be repaired, that tulle part was going to trash, but the underskirt was in good condition, there was needed only the cleaning.
It is long process to take into parts, but like this I could see the structure of the dress, how much work is in it.

In the studio there are some accessories, which are made by different Spanish artisants.
These are fitting very nicely with the romantic and vintage style of the dresses made in the studio.

The designer has also own brand for children cloth accessories. The name is: MOMO.
They have the same colour shade as the women dresses, following the same romantic vintage style.

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