tiistai 17. marraskuuta 2015

Fourth week of our internship

This week we had some small projects, which finally turned out to be a long process, with many small details.

Sini had to make a hair decoration from some flower. This flower was not real, not plastic, something very fragile. As you can see on the pictures, there was used a metal wire, tulle and textile glue.

The flowers were fixed by glue and stiches...

The ready hair decorations:

The other project was making the traditional Spanish wedding dolls "Muñecos de Novios" or "Bride &Groom Dolls".
This is a local tradition where the couple getting married, give the bride&groom figurines to the guests they want to get married next.

In the studio they had already these dolls (ordered from Madrid), but the designer wanted to have her own designed dolls to offer to the clients.

Melinda was designing the patterns, making several protoes. We were changing some details, and finally deciding that the face of the dolls will be not painted, it will have some wool hair, the eyes and lips will be embroidered.
The doll´s body, hands, legs, head is made from basic cotton fabric and filled with cotton wad.

 Sini was getting the task for designing and embroidery the eyes and lips.
On the photo there is the process of trying different shapes and sizes of the eyes...

At this moment the pattern is good, everyone liked it and we will start the producing of the dolls...

See you on the next week... :) Adios!

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