keskiviikko 25. marraskuuta 2015

Last two weeks of our internship

Hello Everybody!

Our doll project was continuing...
Sini was embroidering the eyes and lips. 
Melinda was cutting the parts for the dolls and sewing them together. Filling the thiny hands and leggs, then sewing them to the body by hand, it took really long time. 

After the eyes and lips were ready, Sini started to make the hair of the dolls.
The hair was made from wool. This wool was applied to the doll`s head with a special needle tool and fixed with some glue and stiches.

Melinda was progressing with the pattern making of the doll´s dress. It was challenging the sewing and the constructing of these miniatur dresses. But finally the result was getting nice.

The plan was to make five dolls. In the end they are ready, they have hairs, but only two of them have dresses. The type of the dresses for the three dolls will be decided later.

Meanwhile we were busy and working with the dolls, in the studio were also very busy days. Clients were coming for fitting, new clients were coming to choose their dresses, to whom the designer was showing the collection. Also one photoshooting session will take place on Friday, for what the designer had five days time to prepare the dresses...

These five and half weeks went very fast, we enjoyed a lot, we got to know many nice people.
It was very interesting to see the daily work at the studio. We learned different styles of techniques at pattern making, fabric cutting and sewing.

Thank you very much!!! Muchas gracias Erase Una Vez!

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